Remember all those 60’s Hollywood Divas?

Or maybe your style inspiration is more geared towards those wild 80’s rockers. We’re thinking bandanas and metal chains, that were so desired at the time! Want to get nostalgic? Then get inspired by 00’s Hip-Hop clique – the scarf was styled anywhere on the body, they got creative. And as a trend setter, that’s what you need to do – get those creative juices following!
Nowadays, every it girl and it boy wears a scarf. And not just in the traditional manner! There are so many ways to style up this accessory, and we’re sure you can pull these off, no problem!

1)     Take any scarf you like, plain or with graphic print – the choice is yours! Style it as a bandana on your head. We swear it’s the hottest trend this season! Dress up or dress down the look, it truly is versatile!

2)     Want to go with a simple off-duty plain white tee? Well, add a little something extra, that wow factor! Fold the scarf into a thin strip and tie it around the neck. Fire up your look with several chains or pendants – it really is that simple!

3)     If you’re low on belts, then use a scarf! Jazz up your look by replacing your belt with a scarf. It will look super statement over an oversized jacket or a dress. Or, tie it round your waist for a classy Parisian touch to your jeans. This style tip works with so many outfits, it instantly elevates your look.

4)     Time to say goodbye to those crop tops! This season, wear your scarf as a top. Either fold your scarf into a triangle and tie the knot to the back, or fold your scarf into a wide strip and tie at the back. You can even layer it if you’re worried about showing too much skin!

5)     If you want to show off your impressive legs, then add a little sexiness to your look. Make a scarf into a thin strip and tie it around your thigh. It will look amazing with your mini dresses and elongate your frame. If you’re a guy, then add it to your pair of jeans or to the hem of your shorts for a cool, laid-back look.

6)     Want to add a hip-hop edge to your look? It’s easy – just tie a scarf through your belt loops or fold your scarf into a thin strip and put it on your head, covering your forehead. We’re feeling so nostalgic!

7)     Whatever hairstyle you choose, whether it’s a messy bun, slick ponytail, or just loose, you can use your scarf as a hair tie or a headband. You can even braid it into your hair for a bit of color! A stylish look without any major efforts.

8)     If you have a pocket on your clothing, show a pop of color by placing your scarf so it pokes through. Everyone will know you’re a true fashionista!

9)     If you want to stand out and make a statement, then get inspired by ASAP Rocky and his famous “Babushka boy” style. Tie your scarf on your head with the ends under your chin. Finish off the look with some trendy shades – you will certainly turn heads!

10)  Swap one of your bracelets for a scarf for a unique touch to your outfit. You can tie the scarf loosely or tightly depending on the vibe you’re going for. Just know that a scarf can instantly upgrade your outfit!

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