About Us

Nephite Nation is a brand made for our inspiration - which is you. You are our muse, we create accessories for the trend setters, the go-getters and the globe trotters amongst you all. No matter who you are, where youโ€™re from, your sex or your age, you deserve striking clothing that allows you to make a statement. The statement? Your identity.

The brand was born in the USA and seeks to empower anyone who dares to wear Nephite Nation. Our main goal is to push for change. Firstly, we want you to feel comfortable with who you are. You deserve to be fiercely and unapologetically yourself. Secondly, we want to take care of the planet, and we are committed to adopting more sustainable approaches in order to do so. We are a community, and we want to grow stronger and smarter alongside you.

Nephite Nation has been created to dress you for every occasion, something that will represent you, your boldness and your drive. Be the change that you deserve.