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Opt for a subtle but sweet bucket hat in a soft deep purple shade. We’ve opted for a more muted yet unique tone to reflect happiness. We know you’ll feel content completing your looks with this purple bucket hat. Plus, the deep shade will bring depth and meaning to your outfit.

This soft purple gradient ranging from pink back to purple, is one-of-a-kind, and is the perfect style statement. Want to make an entrance? Customize your hat with the graphic Nephitenation tag and pins. Plus, this style is reversible, you can choose a color for your mood.

  • Loose fit bucket hat
  • “N” logo print
  • Muted purple gradient
  • Reversible (lining can be chosen)
  • Reflective fabric
  • Easy to wash


Made from memory cotton - 50% polyester, 50% synthetics.

Radius 58cm

Make sure your bucket hat is still looking fresh. Wash at 30°C maximum, manual spin max 400 rpm. Air dry. Or hand wash without any detergent. Do not iron, and let that deep purple shade pop!