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No matter who you are, or where you are, you will love Nephitenation’s bucket hat in this unique purple-orange gradient, brings you closer to nature with its sunset-inspired color scheme. Whether you’re protecting yourself from the sun or enjoying expressing your style, these clashing colors will allow you to stand out from the crowd, and will never leave your side throughout the summer.

Change up your hat game with our reversible bucket hat, for days you’re feeling your sportswear look, choose a splash of color. For simpler days, just reverse for your chosen black or white lining. Have fun in the sun in style, and enjoy its easy to wash fabric.

  • Loose fit bucket hat
  • “N” logo print
  • Purple-orange hue gradient
  • Reversible (lining can be chosen)
  • Shiny fabric
  • Easy to wash

Made from memory cotton - 50% polyester, 50% synthetics.

Radius 58cm

This unique gradient needs some serious care. Wash at 30°C maximum, manual spin max 400 rpm. Air dry. Or hand wash without any detergent.

Do not iron, and keep that color bright!